Initiatives LT's research and development focuses on several areas of the NASA eEducation agenda:

LT's research and development focuses on several areas of the NASA eEducation agenda:

    Games for Learning

      Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond Promo

      Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond

      • -- LT is partnering in the development of Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond, a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) that will include science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning and career exploration.
      • -- This game environment will provide NASA virtual, immersive educational experience to students and educators and will allow us to evaluate its effectiveness on student engagement and learning.

    Virtual Worlds

      Testing a virtual guide dog in Second Life

      LT Island Managers testing out Max the Virtual Guidedog from Virtual Helping Hands

      • -- LT is researching virtual worlds as platforms for learning, collaboration, networking and event delivery. We manage NASA eEducation Island in Second Life and are using this space to facilitate NASA education projects' entry into virtual worlds.
      • -- Building on prior research and development, LT's Information Accessibility Lab is collaborating with multiple industry and academic partners → on methods of making 3D virtual worlds accessible to the blind and visually-impaired.

    Electronic Professional Development

      A crowd watching a live video event at eEducation Island in Second Life.

      NASA Digital Learning Network Training in Second Life

      • -- LT is undertaking research into the best practices for professional development in online and virtual environments.
      • -- Particular attention is being paid to ways to best deliver training for using NASA educational materials.


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