Shuttle Endeavour's launch no earlier than May 8: NASA

BEIJING, May 2 (Xinhuanet) -- The launch of US space shuttle Endeavor on its final voyage will be no earlier than May 8th. NASA made the announcement after technical problems uncovered last week proved more complex than originally thought. A problem with a heating system on one of the ship's hydraulic power generators prompted managers to stop the countdown.
Mike Moses, NASA Officer, said, "The failure that we have appears to be a power problem which is in the LCA which is basically a box of switches that we use to control power feeds. So it's an electronic box. So that basically means the power is not getting out to the heaters that weren't working on launch day and we need to go in and change out that box."
NASA tried to launch Endeavour, on Friday, but that was called off after the problem in ONE of two heater circuits was detected. NASA hoped Endeavour would lift off on Monday, but further trouble-shooting indicated the glitch was more complicated than officials hoped initially. Endeavour's six astronauts have returned to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston for a few days of additional training before they report to Kennedy for the next launch attempt.

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