What is New Technology Reporting (NTR)

New Technology Reports (NTR) are the primary means for identifying innovations developed by NASA employees.The New Technology Reporting process has 4 steps: NTR is created by innovators; NTR is submitted to NASA; NTR is reviewed for completeness by NASA official; and NTR is entered into the NASA TechTracS database.

New Technology Reports are important legal documents. The NTR is used to disclose inventions and innovations made by NASA employees. An NTR should be sufficiently complete in technical detail to convey a clear understanding of the nature, purpose, operation, and physical, chemical, biological or electrical characteristics of the invention or innovation.

NASA employees must use the NASA NTR form (NF 1679), either the web based version (NASA eNTRe) or the paper version (PDF or Word), to report new technologies.

4 Steps for using NASA eNTRe

- Step 1:
Innovator(s) Completes New Technology Report
When an innovator creates a new technology, the innovator uses NASA eNTRe to complete an NTR. When completed, the NTR should be read and understood by available co-innovators (if any). The NTR is then "electronically signed" by each innovator.

- Step 2:
Innovator(s) Submits Disclosure to NASA
Once completed, the innovator initiates submission via a secure Internet connection to NASA. Upon initiating a submission, a Terms and Conditions screen is presented to clearly inform the innovator of the legal nature of the electronic submission (e.g., the entry of innovator names in the appropriate signature blocks indicates that the submitting innovator has informed each available co-innovator of the terms and conditions and that each individual has agreed that his or her entered name will have the same effect as an original signature). If the Terms and Conditions are accepted, the NTR is submitted to NASA.

- Step 3:
NASA Official Reviews New Technology Report
Upon receipt, the appropriate NASA official (e.g., NASA New Technology Representative) is automatically notified and reviews the submitted report for completeness. If additional information is required, the report may be returned via NASA eNTRe for completion and re-submission by the innovator. If returned, the innovator is notified by e-mail.

- Step 4:
Technology Acceptance
When the NASA official approves the report, the NASA TechTracS database is populated with the new information and the innovators notified of acceptance by e-mail.

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