Erie County turns to state for NASA runway funds

This aerial view looking north shows the Space Power Facility at NASA Plum Brook, with the property intended for an airstrip just south of it. File photo

Erie County's latest attempt to obtain federal money to build a runway at NASA Plum Brook has failed, forcing the project's supporters to seek help from Ohio's new governor and a realigned Congress.

Governor-elect John Kasich's spokesman said Kasich hasn't taken a position on the merits of the project.

Supporters say the proposed runway would allow Plum Brook to attract more business to its testing facilities, such as the vacuum chamber in the Space Power Facility.

Kasich, who takes the governor's seat next month, has designated Jerry Wray as director of the Ohio Department of Transportation. It's unknown if Kasich and Wray will back the Plum Brook runway project. And any questions on the issue are "premature," said Rob Nichols, Kasich's spokesman.

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