Secret NASA Information Put In Trash Bin

Secret NASA information was mistakenly placed in a trash bin where anyone could grab it.A government report indicated Kennedy Space Center computers were not cleared of the information before they were disposed of.Information on Kennedy Space Center computers is considered highly sensitive and is supposed to be closely guarded.

But NASA's inspector general found some of it in a trash bin, which was accessible to the general public.Other computers that had not been properly wiped of sensitive information were also put up for sale, and another group of computers that failed tests were prepared for sale before the inspector general intervened and found that one had information that's protected by export control laws, which means it contained data the U.S. did not want in foreign hands.Some discarded computers also had IP addresses on the exterior that hackers could use to get into NASA's networks.

All the computers are surplus because of the end of the space shuttle program and won't be needed by NASA.The inspector general recommended a review of how to dispose of the computers safely.

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