NASA Organization Structure

Office of the Administrator

Administrator: Christopher Scolese (Acting)
Deputy Administrator: Vacant
Associate Administrator: Christopher Scolese
Associate Deputy Administrator: Charles H. Scales
White House Liaison: David Noble
Assistant Associate Administrator: Christyl Johnson

Administrator Staff Offices
Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance: Bryan O'Connor
Program Analysis and Evaluation: W. Michael Hawes
Chief Engineer: Michael Ryschkewitsch
Program and Institutional Integration: Richard Keegan
Inspector General: Thomas Howard (Acting)

Mission Directorates
Aeronautics Research
Associate Administrator: Jaiwon Shin

Exploration Systems
Associate Administrator: Douglas Cooke

Associate Administrator: Ed Weiler

Space Operations
Associate Administrator: William Gerstenmaier

Mission Support Offices
Chief Financial Officer: Ronald R. Spoehel
Chief Information Officer: Bobby German (Acting)
General Counsel: Michael Wholley
Innovative Partnerships Program: Douglas Comstock

External Relations:
Assistant Administrator: Michael F. O'Brien

Security and Program Protection:
Assistant Administrator: Jack Forsythe
Chief Health and Medical Officer: Richard Williams

Institutions and Management
Associate Administrator: Tom Luedtke

Budget Management and Systems Support:
Director: Dennis Bridge

Diversity and Equal Opportunity:
Assistant Administrator: Brenda Manuel

Headquarters Operations:
Executive Director: Chris Jedrey

Human Capital Management:
Assistant Administrator: Toni Dawsey

Assistant Administrator: Olga Dominguez

Internal Controls and Management Systems:
Assistant Administrator: Lou Becker

Assistant Administrator: Bill McNally

Small Business Programs:
Assistant Administrator: Glenn Delgado

NASA Shared Services Center:
Executive Director: Richard Arbuthnot

Strategic Communications
Chief: Mary D. Kerwin (Acting)

Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs:
Assistant Administrator: Mary D. Kerwin (Acting)

Assistant Administrator: Joyce L. Winterton

Public Affairs:
Assistant Administrator: Robert Jacobs (Acting)

Communications Planning:
Director: Kristen Erickson (Acting)

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