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Dragon completed two returns to the Earth before rushing in waters of the Pacific Ocean, to approximately 750 kilometers of the coast of Mexico. " Correct Amerizaje, Dragon has completed his first trip ". This message spread on the website of NASA There had passed a ringlet of something more about three hours from the exclamation: " fantastic blast-off! " that a spokesman of SpaceX pronounced. This company marked yesterday a milestone. A private signature turned into pioneer after 9 realized the throwing of rocket – falcon – and to put in orbit a capsule – dragon – designed to transport load and, possibly, human beings.

A big holiday neither was organized, Cane plantation (Florida) nor was summoned for multitudes in End, but, according to the experts, the date of December 8, 2010 remains registered in the history. This initiative marks the beginning of a new spatial age in which the business stops being a monopoly of governments.

In particular, it is the first real translation of the political piece of news of the president Obama. The NASA, once he has given up sending ships crewed to the Moon, has done the option of " buying passages " to move goods or astronauts up to the International Space station, which service of shuttles or shuttles concludes next year. After the inevitable budgetary clipping, the American Government has marked the intention of being more selective and ambitious. Last April, Obama proclaimed in his visit to the head office of Florida that " the Moon is the past ". He explained an agenda in which the target is to achieve that in the middle of the thirties human beings are sent to Mars' orbit, " and return ", stage previous to think of landing in the Red Planet.

To take forward this political intention, the spatial agency has invested-SpaceX has received 253 millions to develop the Falcon 9 – and it will keep on investing big quantities of money in collaborations with private companies that liberate him of the " simpler " services. Despite these subsidies, the cost of the Falcon 9 and its capsule Dragon – yesterday it was of empty, except fetishes that they deposited the employees – turn out to be much cheaper than the previous rockets and ships developed by the NASA.

This agency supervised by yesterday experiment. Space the Xth had already done for its account in June the throwing of the rocket, but without the ship. On two o'clock in the afternoon, the official page indicated that the appliance had initiated the process of comeback without problems. " Three parachutes have opened in correct form ", underlined official sources. Soon the conclusion of the operation spread.

Its apparent success endorses the calendar. Still there have to be realized two new experiments previous – one that must go on from length the space station, whereas other has to mate – so that in 2011 two trips of service do, with load of goods. This year also will have to enter the competition another private, Orbital company. The last end does not stop being the astronauts' transfer. But for the trips crewed there is no certain date yet.

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