NASA astronauts answer YouTube questions from space


Astronauts Julie Payette and David Wolf recently answered questions from space that were posed by users on the social media site, YouTube.
It’s wise to aim well when sneezing in a spacesuit, astronaut David Wolf advised Tuesday as he and other crew members of the space shuttle Endeavour answered questions users had posted on YouTube for the astronauts.
In NASA’s latest embrace of social media, users were invited to pose questions on YouTube for the Endeavour astronauts to answer in space. Most participants were children and teenagers, and the questions were prepared on YouTube well before the Endeavour launched last week, according to the Associated Press.
The space shuttle launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 15, embarking on a 16-day mission to the International Space Station.
The questions were played one at a time for commander Mark Polansky, pilot Doug Hurley, Canadian astronaut Julie Payette and Wolf. The crew members took turns answering the questions, and their answers were relayed live more than 200 miles below on Earth. 

Questions included what the astronauts miss most while away, how they spend their spare time in space, and what happens when they sneeze in their spacesuits.
“I’ve done it quite a few times, most recently yesterday,” answered Wolf. “You learn in training, and I don’t know how to say this - aim well. It can mess up your view and there is no way to clear it.”
Wolf led the mission’s second spacewalk on Monday, and is scheduled to embark on a third today with astronaut Christopher Cassidy. 

There are 13 astronauts at the International Space Station – seven visiting from the Endeavour and six living at the station.Web Design Company in Chennai

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