Space Shuttle Mission: STS-127

    Spacewalker Dave Wolf 
    Image above: Spacewalker Dave Wolf works outside the International Space Station during the second spacewalk of the STS-127 mission. Photo credit: NASA TV Astronauts Conduct Spacewalk on Historic Anniversary The crews aboard the International Space Station and space shuttle Endeavour honored the legacy of Apollo 11 by conducting a spacewalk on the same day that 40 years ago captured the world’s attention when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon for the first time. Mission specialists Dave Wolf and Tom Marshburn performed a six hour, 53 minute extravehicular excursion to complete a number of station hardware installation tasks. Exiting from the Quest Airlock at 10:27 a.m., Wolf removed three hardware spares – a Ku-Band Space-to-Ground Antenna, a Pump Module and a Linear Drive Unit, from an Integrated Cargo Carrier. With each spare in hand, Wolf rode the space station robotic arm to the P3 Truss where a stowage platform awaited. There he and Marshburn attached them for long-term storage. Mission Specialist Julie Payette and Pilot Doug Hurley operated the robotic arm. Marshburn mounted a grapple bar onto an ammonia tank assembly so that the next space shuttle crew of STS-128 can move the tank by robotic arm. Marshburn also attached two insulation sleeves for external power connectors to the Station to Shuttle Power Transfer System. Wolf and Marshburn completed most of the planned tasks, but deferred a video camera installation. Expedition 20 commander Gennady Padalka and Flight Engineer Frank De Winne replaced components of the Waste Hygiene Compartment toilet in the Destiny laboratory. The system’s dose pump failed Sunday. After Padalka and De Winne replaced the separator pump, control panel and the COT, a container that holds liquid, the system was activated and performed normally. › Read more STS-127 Additional Resources › Mission Press Kit (6.9 Mb PDF) › Mission Summary (429 Kb PDF) › Meet the STS-127 Crew Web Design Company in Chennai

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